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Health, Culture, and Society (HCS) Seminars

The Center runs an on-going faculty/graduate student seminar, which explores issues of pubic health importance from an interdisciplinary perspective.  The seminar focuses on a single theme over the course of a semester and combines discussions of selected readings with presentations by outside speakers

Past Seminars:

"Narrative in Public Health and Medicine"
"The Problem of 'Community' in Social Science Research and Public Health Practice"
"The Ethics of HIV Prevention, Control, and Treatment"
"Perspectives on Addiction"
"Health and Aging"
"Access to Care, Prevention, and Treatment"
"Religion, Healing and Public Health"

See also:
Emergent Illness Program
Mellon/Sawyer Seminar Program

The Emergent Illness Program

"Emergent Illness and Public Scholarship" was a 3-year series of programs funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and organized by the Center for Public Scholarship and the Center for the Study of Health, Culture, and Society. 

The Mellon/Sawyer Seminar Program

"Defining the Public Health," a three-semester comparative and interdisciplinary seminar, began January 1998 and was funded by a grant from the Mellon Foundation.  This program explored how social, cultural, economic and political factors define public health agendas within a range of cultural settings. 

Antimicrobial Resistance Project

The Center, in collaboration with the National Center for Infectious Diseases of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Rollins School of Public Health, has organized several invitation-only workshops to address some of the broader policy, legal and economic issues that are associated with the challenge of preventing antimicrobial resistance.

Health & Human Rights Series

The Atlanta Alliance for Health and Human Rights arose out of discussions that occurred in conjunction with the Center sponsored lecture series on Health and Human Rights in Fall 1997. The Alliance represents a group of Atlanta based organizations that have expressed a commitment to advancing the intergration of human rights perspectives into health programs.The goal of AAHHR is to improve health through the application of human rights principles and enhance the enjoyment of human rights throught he promotion of health.

Symposium on "Building Community Based TB Coalitions in Georgia"

CSHCS collaborated with the Atlanta TB Prevention Coalition, the Interfaith Health Program at the Carter Center, and the University of Georgia Rural Research Institute to host a symposium to discuss the state of Georgia's TB prevention and control programs and map out strategies for developing interventions.