Type II classrooms offer the same level of technology as Type I classrooms, but without a dedicated computer. Users must therefore bring their own laptops to show computerized presentations.

Smart Podium
Make classroom presentations using an interactive Touch Panel. Switch between various media sources
Connections for Mac and PC Laptops Hook up your laptop to the network, sound and projection system.  
Data Projector
Display images from the dedicated computer, your own laptop (PC or Powerbook) or a variety of other video formats.  
VCR, DVD, Laser Disc (limited) Play a VHS Tape, DVD or Laser Disc using equipment located in the podium  
Document Camera (limited) Project images including print material (newspapers, notes, etc.) and 3 dimensional objects.  
Slide Projector Show your 35mm slides  
Overhead Projector Show transparent overheads  
Network Connections Access the Internet  
Cable TV Accesss Access Emory Television Academic Programming during class. (by request)  
NOTE: Level 1 and 2 are similar Level Two classrooms have no dedicated computer - but do have all other functions.    
View an example of a Type II classroom: Geosciences 303