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Office of University Conferences
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In the conference business, timing is everything. To ensure success, one must know one’s timeline. Here is a suggested schedule for a conference at Emory.

If planning a camp or conference for the following summer:

Determine what the focus of your conference will be; determine potential dates and numbers; determine potential locations, and start contacting conference offices; make site visits.

During November, we solidify our summer schedules. Be sure to inquire by November for best availability. You will find if you wait past November, it may be difficult to find sites with availability.

Determine your housing arrangement: once we receive confirmation that you will be staying in a particular building we will hold this space for you.

Advertise your program; start setting tentative agendas; estimate the number of participants you will have for the summer.


Get potential agendas to our office: we start booking meeting space in February. If you will need recreational spaces start booking these facilities as well.


Contracts are sent in March. You will need to return your contract and deposit within two weeks of receipt. In your contract you will also need to specify numbers of participants.

Continue to work with our office to book meeting facilities and recreational facilities. Be sure to communicate changes whenever they happen.

In May, your conference will be turned over to a Conference Assistant. Assistants have no more than three conferences, and can therefore give you the individual attention you need, both before you arrive on campus and after you get here. In May, your Assistant will contact you. Be prepared to have all the specific details of your conference, including finalized agendas, meal times, and check-in and check-out times.

Please keep in mind that the Conference Office requires ten business day notices for additions or changes in:

Meeting space, audio-visual services, meal times or cancellations, check-in time, check-out time, table/chair needs, vans or shuttles, linen needs, and catering times or cancellations.

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