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About ECCS


The Emory Collaborative for Contemplative Studies (ECCS) was originally formed as part of Emory University's Strategic Plan, falling under the theme of Confronting the Human Condition and Human Experience: Religions and the Human Spirit.

Since its inception in 2006, the ECCS has grown to become a rich community of scholars with diverse backgrounds, with affiliations spanning not only Religion, but Psychology, Psychiatry, Anthropology, Nursing and Public Health. We believe this reflects western society's increasing interest in contemplative practices and their potential benefit for physical and mental health.

At present, the ECCS is an interdisciplinary group of faculty, postdocs and students at Emory University that come together to share and investigate the application of contemplative practices in our modern society. The three main arms of this organization are research, education and clinical application/outreach.  Along these lines, we strive to host public lectures several times a year, given by leaders in this developing field. 

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