Community Outreach Program of Emory EMS

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After approval by the Emory College Council, Emory EMS received a temporary charter to uphold the constitution of a Community Outreach Program. The organization is open to any Emory student, not just EEMS volunteers. The purpose of the organization is to provide special detail service to campus events as well as promote and facilitate campus wide health initiatives. The first of these events was a large-scale CPR training event in October of 2007.  With this charter, Emory can continue to establish itself as a safe and ready campus for any emergency.  We encourage members and non-members to take part in event planning and execution.

Membership for the Community Outreach Program of Emory EMS (COPEE) is open to any Emory student. Students will have the opportunity to volunteer and help to coordinate and plan community health initiatives and programs. If you are interested in volunteering, please send an e-mail to