Emory EMS Membership

Membership in Emory EMS is open to Emory University students, staff, faculty or alumni who possess current licensure as a Georgia Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediate (EMT-I), Advanced EMT (AEMT), or Paramedic.


Application Process

  • Students who successfully complete the Emory EMS EMT Course, pass the NREMT Exam, and obtain Georgia EMT licensure are expected to volunteer for Emory EMS for a minimum of one academic year.

  • For those members of the Emory community who possess current Georgia licensure as an EMT-I, AEMT, or Paramedic, but obtained their EMS education elsewhere, an application to join EEMS may be obtained by emailing the Training Division at eems.education@emory.edu.
  • All new, incoming EEMS volunteers must attend our Boot Camp in August. This is a mandatory orientation program designed to familiarize each volunteer with the standard operating procedures and protocols of Emory EMS. Boot Camp also includes courses required by the state and/or Emory, such as a HIPAA course and driver training. We also administer practical exams to ensure emergency medical skills competency.

  • Upon successful completion of Boot Camp, new members will be allowed to work shifts with Emory EMS.

Maintaining Membership