Jump Bag Contents

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EEMS Jump Bag Main Compartment Left Pocket Right Pocket Front Pocket

Main Compartment

Jump Bag Main Compartment EMS Field Guides Trauma Shears and Pen Light Stethoscope Pulse Oximeter and Glucometer Blood Pressure Cuffs Sharps Container Drug Kit Saline and 4x4s Tape Thermometer Activated Charcoal Miscellaneous

Right Pocket (IV Kit, sealed)

IV Kit Epi-Pens TapeBandAids Saline Flushes Needles Catheter Extension Set Iodine PrepIV Start Kit

Left Pocket

Hot and Cold Packs
Sterile Dressings

Front Pocket

Bandages ACE Bandages ACE Bandages Kling Wrap Triangular Bandage Triangular Bandage


Cold Pack Sterile Dressings