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First-years experience a sustainable Emory

By Paige P. Parvin

The class of 2011 is new to campus, and they’re green in more ways than one. Unlike preceding classes, these students have been exposed early and often to Emory’s environmental efforts, even from the information they received before they arrived.

Emory college first-years were greeted with this reusable tote bag and EPA shopping list when they arrived on campus.

Kay Hinton

Last summer, incoming first-year students were sent a flyer outlining the back-to-school shopping list developed by the EPA, which includes such items as compact fluorescent bulbs and recycled notebooks. They got a handy over-the-doorknob checklist with tips for energy reduction, reminding them to turn off lights, unplug electronic chargers, and put recycling in the bins available in every residence hall.

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in Bike Emory, a new initiative developed in collaboration with Fuji Bikes and the local shop Bicycle South. Students who opt to cycle receive a discount on new bikes and repairs, and Bike Emory is setting up loaner bike stations where anyone with an Emory ID can borrow a bike for quick, energy-efficient transport.

Another new offering is Energy Star mini-refrigerators for student dorm rooms. And at the new student orientation in August, first-years were given a reusable grocery tote, made from recycled plastic bottles and decorated with sustainability tips, and a reusable water bottle.

“We hope these are life lessons,” says Ciannat Howett 87C. “In a way, these students are learning to set up their own homes for the first time. We hope these habits will carry throughout their lives.”

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