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Alumni events draw global graduates

By Paige P. Parvin 96G

With alumni chapters springing up around the globe, Emory graduates are finding new occasions to gather in far-flung places—including London, Barcelona, and Madrid, among others.

Ashley Givens 02C, a leader of the Emory Alumni Chapter in London.

Rebecca Clifford

In June, students, alumni, and members of the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) board gathered in London at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, where they heard from Walter Melion, Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Art History, and Emily Allen 06OX 08C, president of the Student Government Association. Also in June, alumni came together for a networking lunch in Madrid.

Last spring, Emory hosted a reception in Barcelona with ESADE, a leading Spanish business school and partner of Goizueta Business School. Ramon Mullerat, a member of the EMEA board, spoke at the event of the “international professionals” he believes are critical to the world’s future and which institutions such as Emory and ESADE have an obligation to educate.

Lunch in Madrid, from left: Michael Di Santo 84C, Carlos Hornstein 05B, Jose Bonmati 53MR, Cristina de la Torre 79G, Valerie Kramer 84C, Gonzague Masquelier 87B, Jose Manuel Arroyas 04B, Alejandro Gutierrez 06B.

Michael DiSanto

“I believe,” Mullerat said, “an international professional is a man or woman whose field of action is the world; interested in anything that happens in the world, trying to keep abreast of world news; interested in other cultures, ready to accept that what his own culture takes for granted is not taken for granted everywhere; able to read and speak other languages; knowledgeable of one or more foreign traditions and cultures; participating in international associations and conferences; and especially sensible to the misfortunes of the world and his special responsibility to help remedy them.”

Julia Morgan Williams, Emory director of external relations for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, says such events help forge connections across oceans, with Emory serving as the common bond. “I think one of the very rewarding points for me in all of these events is the bringing together of our students with our alumni,” she says. “I feel like we’re really working toward enriching the student experience, and it is wonderful to see.”

New alumni chapters have formed in the Czech Republic and Hungary, Greece, Scotland, South Africa, and Switzerland. For more information, visit the website at

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