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John Spurgeon Howett

Kay Hinton

John Spurgeon Howett

John Spurgeon Howett, who died April 8 at eighty-two, was an ardent advocate for the arts and a distinguished professor and mentor at Emory. Born in Kokomo, Indiana, Howett served with the U.S. infantry during World War II. He went on to earn a BFA in from the John Herron Art Institute in Indianapolis and a PhD from the University of Chicago. A specialist in the art of the Italian Renaissance, he was recruited by Emory in 1966 to help build its new program in art history. During his thirty-year career, Howett received many awards for teaching and service, including the 2009 Woolford B. Baker Award for lifelong service to Emory and to the Carlos Museum. Howett and his wife of fifty-two years, Catherine, had four daughters: Meghan 80C 83L, Maeve 82C 85N 97MN 06G, Catherine 84C 99G, and Ciannat 87C; Maeve, Ciannat, and Catherine hold positions at Emory, and Meghan serves on the Board of Visitors.

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