Summer 2009: Of Note

Pat Marsteller

Pat Marsteller

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No Barrier to Erosion: ABC’s Good Morning America interviewed environmental studies faculty member Anthony Martin on how climate change has affected Jekyll Island.

Science and Faith: “Many of America’s most contentious social and political debates . . . involve clashes between science and religious belief. Integrating ethical and social context into the fabric of science education will enrich those debates and make them more productive—and, ideally, result in fewer citizens who are permanently alienated from science,” wrote Arri Eisen, senior lecturer in biology, in a coauthored essay on “Teaching Science, with Faith in Mind” for the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Problem Solving: Pat Marsteller, director of the Emory College Center for Science Education, spoke with Georgia Public Broadcasting about teaching students science using problem-based learning rather than the rote memorization of pedagogy past.

Hire Me, Please: CNN gave several students the opportunity to give a “30-Second Pitch” directly to viewers about why they would be a great hire. Kyle Wilson 09C, Travis Levius 09C, Najah Woodby 09C, and Pradeep Pramanik 09C were interviewed during Emory’s Commencement.

Customer Service: Business professor Charlie Goetz, who specializes in entrepreneurship and small business, spoke with both NPR and CNN in April about the reasons some businesses survive and even thrive during a recession.

Credit Due?: USA Today quoted Dorot Professor of Jewish Studies Deborah Lipstadt in a profile of a new book that details previously unknown efforts by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to find havens for European Jews in the 1930s leading up to the Holocaust. “This is consensus-changing,” she said. “He may deserve a lot more credit than he is getting.”

New Party, Old Habits: Emory political scientist Randall Strahan told USA Today that it is a mistake to believe that Senator Arlen Specter will help “produce a solid filibuster-proof majority in the Senate that will support all the initiatives of the administration.”

Those Who Can: An Associated Press story about the record number of graduates joining Teach for America noted Emory as one of the program’s top feeder schools.

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