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By Mary J. Loftus

How do individuals balance selfishness against altruism? What does the immune system of a primitive jawless fish have to teach us about our own immune systems? Which part of the brain can be electrically stimulated to improve severe depression? Does eating certain fruits and vegetables help to prevent cancer?

Emory researchers speak about their cutting-edge scientific discoveries in Sound Science: Conversations on Transforming Health and Healing, a bimonthly podcast series on the website of the Woodruff Health Sciences Center.

The series, hosted by Emory science writer Robin Tricoles, offers compelling information and provocative commentary on timely health topics, as well as related slide shows, biographies, and links.

Current posts include neuroeconomist Greg Berns on decision making, physician Max Cooper on the immune system, neurologist Helen Mayberg on using deep brain stimulation to ease depression, oncologist Charles Staley on new technologies to treat rare cancers, emergency physician Arthur Kellermann on the importance of immediate cardiac care, and oncologist Omer Kucuk on specific foods and their effects on cancer prevention and treatment.

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Winter 2009

Of Note


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