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Katrina, revisited: English professor Natasha Trethewey received widespread national attention for her new memoir Beyond Katrina, including interviews with NPR’s Fresh Air, the New York Times, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC).

The skinny on the “anything you want” diet: “It’s no different from what we as dietitians and nutrition experts have been saying for years and years. It’s healthy eating,” said Julie Schwartz, Emory School of Medicine nutritionist in a CNN interview. “All kinds of foods are allowed if they’re natural and not processed.”

Learning while serving: The AJC noted that nursing faculty and students travel to Moultrie, Georgia, every summer as part of the Farm Worker Family Health Program. “Rural America is underserved, and it’s a huge ethical problem,” said Judith Wold, director of the program. 

Christian teens: “We think that they want cake, but they actually want steak and potatoes, and we keep giving them cake,” Elizabeth Corrie told about the state of Christianity and faith among teenagers. Corrie is director of the Youth Theological Initiative at Candler School of Theology.

Hard times: Business professor Jeffrey Rosensweig was interviewed on CNN’s Newsroom about Americans losing value in their homes, losing their jobs, and losing wealth in the stock market.

The real thing: “Asa Candler’s creation of The Coca-Cola Company helped create a host of Southern millionaires whose philanthropy helped dig Atlanta and the region out of the devastation of the Civil War,” Emory historian Gary Hauk told Investor’s Business Daily in an interview about the company.

The economy and the election: ‘82 all over again? “When the economy is faring poorly, the president’s party almost always takes a big hit in midterm elections,” political scientist Alan Abramowitz told NPR. “When you have the combination of a weak economy and a president with mediocre approval ratings, they will have greater than average losses.”

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