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By Susan Cruse, Senior Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations

There’s a saying that “philanthropy spreads from the inside out.” Those who know and love an institution the most will often become its most dedicated supporters. That’s certainly

true for Emory’s employees and retirees, who know the University better than anyone. Over the years we have given our time, talents, and financial support to the University we love.

In February, Campaign Emory began honoring this valued group with MyEmory. Designed to celebrate the generosity of current and former employees and share our enthusiasm with the larger community, MyEmory is featured in this issue of the Campaign Chronicle.

More than any other place I know, Emory inspires pride of ownership. Employees consider Emory our home, professionally and philosophically, and we give financially because we believe so completely in its mission. We know our university is a sound investment.

I hope our confidence will motivate you to discover the work of Emory that you believe is worth supporting.

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