Spring 2010: Of Note

Double portrait of Melanie Levy in both her track uniform and dressed for soccer

Ann Borden

Portrait of a Dual Athlete

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Compiled by Mallory Goldberg 10C

Name: Melanie Levy 11C
Sports: Track (400 and 4 x 400 relay), soccer
Hometown: Plainview, New York
Major: Business, concentration in accounting and a minor in economics
Other activities on campus: Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity, BBA Leadership Academy program

On Emory: “Athletics wasn’t my primary reason for coming to Emory, but it was definitely a big pull. My main criteria were strong academics.”

On what’s fun: “During relays and at the UAAs, track has a great team atmosphere because we are all out together to support each other. This makes UAAs really fun for track.”

On priorities: “Soccer is my priority, and thankfully my track coach understands that. He even let me leave a track meet early last year so I could participate in my spring soccer game.”

On commitment: “Doing both sports is worth it because I have a commitment to both of the teams and coaches, and I can’t imagine not doing this through college, so I make it work. It’s hard, though, and it requires sacrifices.”

On the benefits: “I feel confident that each sport helps my performance in the other.”

On making it work: “I love both track and soccer—the competition and the team dynamics—so it is important to me that I make it work, and I do. I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten academic honors from the conference every season.”

On competition: “Soccer has a more competitive aspect to it than track because in track you’re competing individually most of the time. I really like the team aspect of soccer.”

On her coaches: “My coaches are very understanding and accommodating. They make sure that I’m not being overworked.”

On balance: “Balancing sports and academics really requires time management skills and dedication. I’m tired from practice, but I have to be able to do work after . . . I have to make sure to take care of my body and not stay up too late or drink too much caffeine or energy drinks so that my body will be ready to perform at practice or games/meets.”

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Spring 2010

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