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Employees Sally Lehr 65N 76MN (above) and Ginger Cain 77C 82G (below) cochair MyEmory.

Kay Hinton


Employees, Retirees Support Emory



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Emory employees are behind all of Emory University and Emory Healthcare’s accomplishments. Now, in addition to contributing their time and talent, employees and retirees are supporting MyEmory, the employee component of Campaign Emory.

Emory University and Emory Healthcare employees and retirees have contributed more than $41 million since Campaign Emory began in September 2005. MyEmory and MyEmory Healthcare publicly launched in February.

The goal of MyEmory is to raise $50 million by the end of 2012. Gifts can support scholarships, patient care, the arts, research, and countless other priorities that will enable Emory to advance among the world’s top universities and health care systems.

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