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By Susan Cruse, Senior Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations

Each year Emory invites alumni and friends who fund scholarships to meet the students who benefit from those gifts. These are joyful events—celebrations of promise and achievement—and they illustrate the power of philanthropy to transform individual lives.

Thanks to donors’ generosity, gifted students who otherwise would be priced out of a top-rated private university are making Emory their destination. Once here, they often become our highest achievers and most active leaders, as you’ll see in this issue of the Campaign Chronicle.

Many financial aid students find they have the freedom to consider more career options once they graduate. Because donor support has lessened their debt load, they can base their choices on intellectual passion, a call to serve their communities, or myriad other inspirations that have nothing to do with remuneration.

Supporting students is a top priority of the Emory Alumni Board, which has created its own scholarship and is working to educate alumni about the importance of financial aid. Perhaps a scholarship gift is right for you.

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