Summer 2010: Of Note

Dalai Lama bowing at his previous visit to the University

Kay Hinton

Dalai Lama to return October 17–19

Sunday, October 17

Interfaith Summit on Happiness. The Dalai Lama will participate in a forum at which religious leaders and scholars discuss the concept of happiness in today’s society.

Monday, October 18

Compassion Meditation Conference. Researchers will review current findings about the practice of compassionate meditation and potential applications with the Dalai Lama.

Tuesday, October 19

Artists in Conversation with the Dalai Lama about Spirituality and Creativity. Pulitzer Prize–winning author Alice Walker and award-winning composer Philip Glass, among others, will talk with the Dalai Lama about creativity.

International Conference on Tibetan Buddhism. Buddhist leaders, teachers, scholars, and translators from the East and the West will discuss the current state of Tibetan Buddhism in the modern world.

“The Professor’s Office Hours.” The Dalai Lama will field questions from students and members of the Emory community. The session will be moderated by President James Wagner. (Not open to the public.)

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Summer 2010

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