Summer 2010: Of Note

Arnold Schwarzenegger giving Commencement speech

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Emory in the news

Brain and brawn: NBC Nightly News included a quip from Emory’s commencement speaker, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, in its annual homage to college graduates around the country.

Life, from scratch? “What they’ve done is figured out how to do molecular transplantation. It’s like organ transplant but it is done with molecules,” said David Lynn, Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Chemistry and Biology, in a CNN interview May 23 to explain the basic science behind the creation of the first-ever synthetic cell.

Coink: The Chronicle of Higher Education profiled Emory’s “blue pig” program, designed to encourage giving among students early in their collegiate lives.

But what if your hard drive crashes? The New York Times’ Education Life section covered the move to paperless debate by college teams across the country, including Emory’s Barkley Forum, which has seen thousands of dollars in savings.

Timely analysis: Political scientist Richard Doner appeared on PBS NewsHour and BBC America to explain the politics behind violent antigovernment protests in Thailand.

LEEDer: Emory’s sustainability website, activities, programs, and LEED buildings were profiled in a Washington Post piece on the nation’s top “green colleges.”

A new religion: “While people have worshipped many things, we may be the first to build shrines to garbage,” wrote Emory economist Paul Rubin in an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal on how environmentalism is like a religious belief system.

Prehistoric fish tale: Emory paleontologist Anthony Martin’s discovery that rare fish trace fossils—squiggly trails left on a lake’s bottom—in Wyoming were made by the extinct N. osculus was covered by the New York Times, Discovery News,, and other science news sites and blogs. “This is a fish story about the one that got away fifty million years ago,” Martin joked.

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Summer 2010

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