Summer 2010: Campaign Chronicle

Portrait of Bill Dobes

Fascinated by research since his first day of medical school, Bill Dobes chairs the campaign for Yerkes.

Atlanta Physician Leads Yerkes Campaign Effort

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As public funding becomes more difficult to secure, Yerkes National Primate Research Center is reaching out to private sources. Informed, dedicated supporters are propelling discovery at Yerkes, and Atlanta dermatologist Bill Dobes 65C 69M 70MR is one of the most active.

Dobes helped create the Yerkes advisory board and became its first member. His gifts support research to treat, prevent, and cure diseases, and he volunteers his leadership as chair of Campaign Emory at Yerkes.

“Many people do not understand the work being done at the few specialized research institutions like Yerkes, where researchers work with animals in a humane way, doing research no one else can.”

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