Winter 2010: Campaign Chronicle

Portrait of Susan Cruse

Susan Cruse

Bryan Meltz

Many Happy Returns

By Susan Cruse, Senior Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations

As President Jim Wagner recently reported to our campaign volunteers, 68,590 donors have stepped forward since the beginning of Campaign Emory in September 2005. Making small contributions and large ones, creating planned gifts and supporting endowments, donors are steadfast in supporting Emory’s mission.

Particularly in today’s economy, this accomplishment speaks volumes about the trust that people from all walks of life place in Emory University. In this issue, you’ll learn about the gifts that Emory’s leaders have made. They are among the growing numbers of alumni, patients, friends, and foundations creating positive change through philanthropy.

This diverse community of supporters attests to the fact that Emory is a sound investment, offering the kinds of dividends not possible in the financial markets. Among the many returns on an Emory investment are better health, artistic expression, new ideas in science and technology, significant scholarship, and the education of some of the nation’s brightest students. All of these returns are certain, and all are invaluable.

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