University administrators have come up with a new twist on the concept vox populi.

Vox alumni. The voice of Emory graduates.

Eager to learn what alumni know and how they feel about their alma mater, the University commissioned the Gallup Organization and Gautier Marketing to conduct a comprehensive survey of alumni perceptions, involvement, and giving patterns. Gallup conducted phone interviews with 861 alumni, including 95 dual-degree holders. Gautier held focus groups in Atlanta, Dallas, and New York.

Overall, alumni gave Emory high marks. Seventy-nine percent said the University "had vision." Eighty-nine percent called their years at Emory "intellectually challenging," and eighty-four percent would attend again. Forty-five percent said they were interested in current events at their alma mater, and one-third claimed strong ties to Emory. At the top of the list among factors creating positive feelings about Emory were the friendships alumni made while living and studying here.

Twenty-six percent of those surveyed have attended events sponsored by the Association of Emory Alumni (AEA), including class reunions (the most popular type of gathering) and regional events.

Emory Magazine fared well with its primary audience. Ninety percent of those questioned said they looked at or read the magazine, and sixty-five percent rated the publication as "good or excellent." An additional fifty-three percent reported reading additional, school-specific magazines.

Respondents suggested four areas in which the AEA could improve its efforts: have more frequent Emory events in their area, keep them better informed, provide lists of information or a directory of alumni, and offer better networking assistance.--A.B.

Photo by Ann Borden

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