Volume 75
Number 3

The Classes

"Thanks for the memories"
A message from AEA Executive Director Bob Carpenter

Sixth Alumni University

Class of ’34 endows scholarship

Japan Emory Alumni Assocation

Anthony Ephirim-Donkor ’88T-’94Phd

Mary Cobb Bugg Callahan ’77G

Raleigh H. Watson ’61D and Henry B. Patterson ’61D

William C. Warren IV ’79M-’82PEDS

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Ghost Stories

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Philip S. Dunlap ’32B of Orono, Minn., is retired from General Mills.

Ben T. Banks Jr. ’40Ox-’42B. See Banks ’40Ox.

Robert G. McKinnon ’68B of O’Fallon, Ill., is vice president for administration and finance at McKendree College.

Franklin M. Rinker ’66Ox-’68B. See Rinker ’66Ox.

Guy T. Williams ’72B of New Orleans is president and CEO of Gulf Coast Bank & Trust.

E. Winfield Hardy ’73MBA of Aurora, Ohio, is director of Smithers Scientific Services.

Harold S. Star III ’74B of Westfield, N.J., is executive vice president of CFR office furnishing company.

Christopher Lewis ’79B of Pass Christian, Miss., manager of administration for Louisiana Medical Mutual Insurance Company, is a graduate student in organizational management at the University of Phoenix in Metairie, La.

Pamela S. Evers ’82MBA of McKinney, Texas, is assistant professor of business law at Stephen F. Austin State University.

Deborah A. Schmidt ’82MBA and Richard Weiss of Auburn, Ala., were married on Dec. 5, 1998. Schmidt is a vice president with Wiesser, Fitzpatrick & Greene Marketing.

Gary D. Sullivan ’82MBA of Plymouth, Minn., is senior vice president of ContiMed.

Jody Weiner Kauffman ’83MBA and David S. Kauffman of Dallas announce the birth of a daughter, Jennifer Brittany, on Dec. 31, 1997.

Laurence D. Rich ’83MBA of West Bloomfield, Mich., is vice president of acquisitions for Omega Healthcare Investors.

Paul P. Jackson Jr. ’82Ox-’84B. See Jackson ’82Ox.

Michelle Spiegelman Goldish ’85B and Steve Goldish of Chicago announce the birth of a daughter, Elizabeth Parker, on Sept. 29, 1998. Goldish owns the design firm Oxygen.

Tamra Battin Gould ’85B and John Gould of Marietta announce the birth of twins, Harrison Russell and Evelyn Ashleigh, on Oct. 9, 1997.

J. William Holden III ’85MBA of Duluth is vice president and treasurer of Southern Energy, a unit of the Southern Company.

Eric E. Torrey ’85MBA of Alpharetta is the publisher and founder of Authority Press.

Julie Koers Shirey ’84Ox-’86B. See Shirey ’84Ox.

R. Kirk Thompson III ’86MBA. See Thompson ’87MBA.

Nancy E. Averbach ’87B of Atlanta, a senior treasury consultant with BellSouth, received an MBA in information systems from Georgia State University.

Mary McHaney Munoz ’81C-’87MBA. See Munoz ’81C. Heide Calick-Silverstein ’87B and Marc Silverstein of Port Washington, N.Y., announce the birth of a son, Jordan Drew, on July 13, 1998. Calick-Silverstein is CFO of BT Capital Partners.

Dale C. Herndon Jr. ’87B and Camille Herndon of Atlanta announce the birth of a daughter, Hana Nicole, on Feb. 19, 1999.

J. Alan Hightower ’85Ox-’87B. See Hightower ’85Ox.

Eleanor Horlbeck Thompson ’87MBA and R. Kirk Thompson III ’86MBA of Decatur announce the birth of a daughter, Tracy Amanda, on April 7, 1999. E. Thompson is director of alumni relations for Goizueta Business School. K. Thompson is a vice president at Fitzgerald & Company.

Ronald W. Buck ’88B. See Buck ’89C.

Barnee Senter Miri ’88B of New York City is product development manager at Enchante Accessories.

Isabelle Couquiaud ’89MBA and Laurent Schbath of Paris, France, were married May 15, 1998. Couquiaud is a field force logistics services manager for Schering-Plough Laboratories.

Lynn Smith Lindsey ’89MBA and Jeffrey R. Lindsey ’89MBA of Swampscott, Mass., announce the birth of a daughter, Grace Victoria, on Sept. 11, 1998.

David J. Rosenberg ’89B. See Rosenberg ’90C.

Steven J. Ross ’89MBA and Kamy Merrels of Addison, Texas, were married Oct. 31, 1998.

Stephen A. Saltzman ’89B and Elise Saltzman of Bayside, N.Y., announce the birth of a daughter, Emily Rose, on Jan. 29, 1999. Saltzman is an attorney with Friedman, Levy & Goldfarb.

Howard M. Snyder ’89B and Cathi Snyder of Bala Cynwyd, Pa., announce the birth of a son, Cole Cozen, on Feb. 14, 1999. Snyder is a senior associate with PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Catherine Pinson Cheeseman ’90MBA and Rick Cheeseman of Eden Prairie, Minn., announce the birth of a daughter, Denise Pinson, on Oct. 13, 1998. Cheeseman is an information technology supervisor with Cargill.

Marcie A. Bialkin ’91MBA and Jonathan Samuelson of Mineola, N.Y., were married March 28, 1999. Bialkin is a senior financial analyst with New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Jonathan C. Bianco ’91MBA and Kristi Ware of Atlanta were married on Nov. 8, 1997. Bianco is a partner with d Trade.

Kenneth E. Cox ’90T-’91MBA. See Cox ’90T.

Lisa Kreitman Trivers ’91B and Douglas C. Trivers ’91B of Norcross announce the birth of a son, Jacob Simon, on Jan. 13, 1999.

Richard D. Knowlton III ’92MBA of Atlanta and Etienne Fontan ’92MBA of Bordeaux, France, have opened an oyster farm in Georgia.

Yasumitsu Konno ’92MBA of Tokyo, Japan, is director of sales and marketing for GE Capital.

Peter A. Lawson ’92MBA of London, England, is senior advisor of Latin American and African regions for The Royal Dutch/Shell Group and Shell International.

Dawn Genese Leonetti ’90Ox-’92B. See Leonetti ’90Ox.

Nora Jackerson Rozin ’92MBA and Spence Rozin of Lilburn, announce the birth of a daughter, Julia Claire, on Dec. 4, 1998.

Elizabeth W. Stevens ’92MBA of Erwin, Tenn., retired from BellSouth Telecommunications as director of planning and engineering staff support.

Jill A. Soman ’93B and Jack Reiter of Coconut Grove, Fla., were married Oct. 3, 1998.

Cynthia Krahn VanWingerden ’93MBA and Abraham VanWingerden ’93MBA of Cincinnati, Ohio, announce the birth of a son, Andrew Ryan, on Feb. 28, 1998.

Bas J. Brukx ’95MBA and Lynn Touchton of Atlanta were married Nov. 7, 1998. Brukx is a senior financial analyst for MCI Worldcom.

Jill Mittler Dunn ’95B and Joel S. Dunn ’96ANES of Atlanta announce the birth of a daughter, Melissa Sydney, on Dec. 19, 1998. J. M. Dunn is a senior marketing manager with CompuCredit.

Karen Bell Durfee ’95MBA and Paul H. Durfee ’95MBA of Decatur announce the birth of a son, McDaniels Bell, on Dec. 8, 1998.

Anton Farkas ’95MBA of McKinney, Texas, is president of PSS, a pager and wireless product repair firm.

R. Todd Foster ’95MBA of Dallas is director of corporate development for Internet Media.

Halle Gerver ’95B of New York City, an Internet marketing manager for Bertelsmann Music Group, is a graduate student in direct marketing communications at New York University.

Matthew R. Wilson ’95B of New York City is an associate in mergers and acquisitions for Chase Securities.

Thomas Wuensche ’95MBA and Katja Wuensche of Hamburg, Germany, announce the birth of a daughter, Johanna Antonia, on Nov. 2, 1998. Wuensche is managing director of the import firm Promtx Handelsgesellschaft.

Seita Yamaoka ’95MBA and Yoshiko Yamaoka of Tokyo, Japan, announce the birth of a son, Kotaro, in January 1999.

Randall J. Zarin ’95B of Houston is director of business development at Baylor University College of Medicine.

Tolga Yaveroglu ’97MBA and Idil Sayrac of Atlanta were married Dec. 26, 1998. Yaveroglu is a management consultant with Deloitte & Touche.

Dianne K. LaVanway ’98MBA of Atlanta is president of Lyric Communications.

Jason L. Zaremski ’98B of Highland Park, Ill., is a student in the health careers program at Harvard University.


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