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The other World Wide Web

The new Department of Environmental Studies examines the planetŐs complex, interrelated ecosystem

Lance H. Gunderson, a wetland ecologist who has battled to save the endangered Florida Everglades, says that if environmental scientists aren’t careful, they may do more harm than good.


Lance H. Gunderson

“There is growing evidence that disciplinary approaches to environmental issues end up making things worse rather than better; hence there is a practical need for students with strong interdisciplinary-science-based training,” says Gunderson, who was recruited by Emory to launch the Department of Environmental Studies this spring.

The new department combines faculty and courses from existing geosciences and human and natural ecology programs with courses in the natural and social sciences. Within the next two years, the department will expand course offerings and begin granting undergraduate degrees in environmental studies. The department, which Gunderson describes as “interdisciplinary, integrative, and imaginative,” will encourage students to fold the humanities into their course work and to become savvy communicators.

“So many scientists are good at doing research and understanding the systems. Only a few can communicate it,” Gunderson says. “We want to send these budding scientists on that route as early as possible.”

Outreach is another priority. Gunderson would like to see the department play a role in increasing the “environmental literacy of the Emory community.”

As department chair, Gunderson draws upon ten years’ experience as a research scientist at the University of Florida and a decade of work with the U.S. National Park Service in the Everglades.—S.P.


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