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Number 3

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The Sole of Wit

Footwear mogul KENNETH COLE ’76C has been turning heads in the shoe industry for two decades. When he received his Emory Medal during Alumni Weekend, he proved he was equally adept at turning phrases.


Kenneth Cole ’76C
Kenneth Cole Productions

“I have always believed that we are a product of our life’s experiences, and for me there was none greater than my four formative years here at Emory University,” Cole said upon donning the medal, which he referred to as “a new accessory.”

“I’ve recently spent some time reflecting on what I learned at Emory and how that knowledge has helped me define the person I am today.

“I learned that what you stand for is almost as important as what you stand in.

“I learned how important it is to put yourself in other people’s shoes.

“I learned that time heals all wounds and, later, that it need not wound all heels.

“I learned that we should try to heel the world, and God knows I’ve been trying.

“And finally, I learned that if we can’t individually make this world better, we can at least be an accessory.”

Complete coverage of Alumni Weekend and Emory Medal recipients will appear in the Winter 2000 issue of Emory Magazine.—A.B.


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