Volume 75
Number 3

The Classes

"Thanks for the memories"
A message from AEA Executive Director Bob Carpenter

Sixth Alumni University

Class of ’34 endows scholarship

Japan Emory Alumni Assocation

Anthony Ephirim-Donkor ’88T-’94Phd

Mary Cobb Bugg Callahan ’77G

Raleigh H. Watson ’61D and Henry B. Patterson ’61D

William C. Warren IV ’79M-’82PEDS

"We Teach Possibilities"

Ghost Stories

In Hog Heaven







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James A. Green Jr. ’37M of Athens is a retired general surgeon.

William H. Grimes Jr. ’37M of Atlanta is professor emeritus of obstetrics and gynecology at Emory School of Medicine.

Allen K. Holcomb ’56C-’60M. See Holcomb ’56C.

E. William Schmitt Jr. ’57C-’62M-’63MEDI. See Schmitt ’57C.

John B. Neeld Jr. ’73ANES of Atlanta is president of the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

Stanley W. Sherman ’69C-’73M-’78MEDI. See Sherman ’69C.

Donald H. Arnold ’75C-’79M. See Arnold ’75C.

Ralph E. Wesley ’79OPHT of Nashville is vice president of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Susan M. Ditter ’80M-’82PSYC-’87NURL of Canton announces the birth of a daughter, Gabrielle Rose, on Jan. 22, 1999.

Cynthia Cummings-Boutte ’82M of Santa Cruz, Calif., was president of the Santa Clara County Academy of Family Practice in 1997 and 1998.

Frederick B. Axelrod ’83M-’87PATH of Port Washington, N.Y., is medical director and vice president of scientific and laboratory services with the Pall Corporation.

James S. Clements Jr. ’80C-’84M-’87MEDI. See Clements ’80C.

Richard Essner ’81C-’85M. See Essner ’81C.

Mark S. Litwin ’85M of Santa Monica, Calif., is associate professor of urology and public health at UCLA.

Allen W. Averbook ’86M of Pinehurst, N.C., is a vascular surgeon.

Frederick B. Axelrod ’83M-’87PATH. See Axelrod ’83M.

James S. Clements Jr. ’80C-’84M-’87MEDI. See Clements ’80C.

Jeffrey Widell ’88MEDI and Adrienne Widell of Milwaukee announce the birth of a daughter, Sydney, on May 6, 1998.

Misha L. Pless ’90M and Patty Nothmann of Pittsburgh were married March 22, 1998. Pless is director of neuro-ophthalmology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Thomas R. Terrell ’91M-’93RHAB of Columbia, Md., is a team physician at the University of Maryland at College Park and assistant professor of family medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore.

Jennifer L. Kraus ’88C-’92M. See Kraus ’88C.

Garet K. Pilling ’88C-’92M. See Kraus ’88C.

Thomas R. Terrell ’91M-’93RHAB. See Terrell ’91M.

Lon J. Augdahl ’95M and Jeny E. Augdahl of Madison, Wis., announce the birth of a son, Alan Edward, on May 22, 1998. Augdahl is chief resident in psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin.

Philip E. Manley Jr. ’89Ox-’91C-’95M. See Manley ’89Ox.

Avinash Kumar ’91C-’95M-’96SURG. See Kumar ’91C.

Myra A. Phipps ’95M of Greenville, S.C., completed a family practice residency in June 1997.

Joel S. Dunn ’96ANES. See Dunn ’95B.

Arvind Y. Krishna ’96MEDI and Ritu Krishna of North Canton, Ohio, announce the birth of a son, Ashwin, on Jan. 21, 1998. Krishna is a clinical assistant professor of internal medicine at Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine.

Avinash Kumar ’91C-’95M-’96SURG. See Kumar ’91C.

Thomas T. Dovan ’97M. See Miller ’93C.

Athena P. Kourtis ’97PEDS of Atlanta, an assistant professor of pediatric infectious diseases and immunology at Emory School of Medicine, received the 1999 Young Investigator’s Award from the American Academy of Microbiology.

Laura E. Miller ’93C-’97M. See Miller ’93C.

E. Anne Peterson ’94PH-’97MEDI. See Peterson ’94PH.


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