Law School Builds David Bederman Fund


Legal scholar David Bederman is being honored with an endowment in the School of Law.

To honor scholar David J. Bederman, the faculty of Emory School of Law is building an endowment for a lecture series, student fellowship program, and professorship.

In the first week after establishing the David J. Bederman Fund, a group of faculty members pledged $100,000. To reach the full endowment level, the fund must attract $3 million in donations.

One of the law school’s most distinguished scholars, Bederman is the K. H. Gyr Professor of International Law. He has written 12 books and 125 articles; given 80 public lectures and held three prestigious visiting professorships; handled 52 federal court cases as counsel of record; and received a score of appointments to boards of journals, nongovernmental organizations, a publically traded corporation, and government committees. For nearly a third of his career, he has been battling cancer.

“David’s friends and colleagues at Emory and around the globe, along with his former students and clients, are grateful for the opportunity to honor this remarkable man, a model of intellect, integrity, and courage,” said Professor of Law Robert Schapiro.

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