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175 Things You Should Know About Emory

In 1836—the year a handful of well-meaning, mostly Southern, Methodist men were given a charter to start a college in rural Georgia—Texas had just been wrested from Mexico, Charles Darwin was sailing on the Beagle, and the first US patent was issued for locomotive wheels. The forces acting on Emory in the 175 years since are every bit as extraordinary as those that shaped the world beyond, and our transformation just as profound.

We celebrate with a story for each year of Emory’s history—the places, people, ideas, discoveries, gifts, resources, and unexpected events that make up the past and present of this rich, complex, fascinating place. Many of these 175 stories you know well, some you may have forgotten, and others may surprise you. But stories gather strength and meaning from the retelling. These stories are ours, and we share them so that we all might wonder at how far we’ve come.

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175 Emory Makers of History

What’s an anniversary celebration without a toast to the people who brought us this far? Last year, a special committee convened to review nominations and select 175 Emory Makers of History—notable men and women who have contributed to Emory’s evolution and growth in myriad ways, whether alumni or administrative leaders, faculty or staff, donors, visionaries, or friends. Say hello to all 175 history makers at

Special Guest Essays


Blast from the Past

By Mike Sager 78C


How I Got My Gayle

By Leah Ward Sears 80L


175 Years of Earning Trust

By Ben Johnson III 65C


Defining Moments

By Zoe Hicks 63Ox 65C 76L 83LLM, Essay Contest Winner


The Roar of the Motorcade

By Gary S. Hauk 91PhD

Bonus: See additional submissions from our "Only at Emory" essay contest

Skeletons, the Secret Service, and Me by Kara Bryant 86C

The Difference a Professor Can Make by Joan L. Goldfrank 73C 76L

By Way of the Road Less Traveled by Charles A. MacNeill 77M

Across Religions, Finding My Philosophy by David Sherer 79C

Flashback to a Soul-Shaping Moment by Charles Wesolowski 83C



The Unlikely Power of Pens

By Sanjay Gupta


View from the Now

In May, my family celebrated my dad’s sixty-eighth birthday in Athens, Greece. We had arrived from Istanbul late the night before, and because of large demonstrations taking place in Syntagma Square, the bus we took from the airport dropped us off several blocks from our hotel. Read more

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“No university, it seems to me, stands on quite the same ground as Emory in its emphasis on the values and the individual and collective qualities that make us human.”

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