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By Allison Dykes, Vice President for Alumni Relations

Alumni at Turman Award ceremony

Join the Crowd: Previous recipients of the J. Pollard Turman Alumni Service Award gathered at the award ceremony on March 24. Front row from left are Kenneth Murrah 55C 58L, John Inman 42C 45M 52MR, Paul McLarty 63C 66L, Walker Ray 62C 65M 68MR (2011 recipient), Sally Lehr 65N 76N, and Tommy Owens 59OX 61C 65D; middle row from left, Tom Brodnax 65OX 68C, Marvin Hardy 61OX 63C 66L; top row, Sam Clark 54C, Dusty Porter 85C, Pamela Pryor 69C 70G, and Beverly Allen 68C.

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Upcoming Alumni Events

Dallas, April 26: “Toys Becoming Tools: Emerging Technologies and Future Possibilities,” featuring Goizueta professor Benn Konsynski

Online everywhere, April 29: Coach Chat: “Taking Charge of Your Career Progression.”

Atlanta, May 5–9: Emory Commencement Weekend

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Congratulations to the members of the Class of 2011 on your graduation! I’d like to warmly welcome you into the Emory alumni community and tell you a little about what we do at the Emory Alumni Association (EAA).

We help Emory’s soon-to-be 116,000 alumni stay informed about, connected to, and involved with the University. We help build traditions and foster student and alumni leadership. The EAA’s vision is to develop a dedicated and dynamic global alumni community where graduates are committed to each other, devoted to Emory’s mission, and invested in its future.

Our programs and services cover a wide range of activities, from career services to educational enrichment. We also offer important benefits related not just to campus life (free access to Emory’s libraries continues after you graduate) but even price breaks on insurance.

If you haven’t already, please let us know where you’re going, and register with the EAA on our website at; click on “Update Your Address,” on the left side of the page. Email is the most effective way to receive information about your alma mater.

I hope alumni and new graduates will take part in the traditional Candlelight Crossover, Thursday, May 5, which ends at the house. Miller-Ward will be open throughout Emory Commencement Weekend and long after.

What I mean by “open” is that alumni are invited to hold their special events—weddings, receptions, parties, business meetings, and the like—at the alumni house. You’ve always called Emory home, and we are excited to offer you another reason to drop by for a visit.

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