Library Curator, Spouse Donate Rare Works


Randall and Nancy Burkett have donated much of their research collection to Emory’s Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library.

Campaign Emory

Randall and Nancy Burkett have given much of their personal store of rare historical materials to Emory’s Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library (MARBL). Randall is curator of MARBL’s African American collections, where the materials will reside, and Nancy is a retired librarian.

Among the materials are the papers of William H. Scott, who fled slavery in Virginia at age twelve and became an aide-de-camp to a Union Army officer, serving until the war’s end.

The couple also has given 347 rare books on African American history, politics, and culture; ten boxes of little-known African American periodicals; collective biographies telling the stories of thousands of African Americans; and broadsides including an extremely rare 1858 call for protest against the Dred Scott decision.

The couple has entrusted Emory with these treasures because of the University’s efforts to strengthen the African American voice within MARBL, Randall Burkett explains.

“And, having spent many hours encouraging others to trust Emory, we wanted to show that this institution has our confidence as well,” he says.

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