Commencement 2011

A ‘dynamic world’ awaits new graduates

At the podium

Speaker Janet Napolitano, US homeland security secretary: “Today, we live in a world where change is a certainty—and where the pace of that change is growing ever faster. Past generations could not bank on the fact that the world would be all that different four, forty, or a hundred years in the future. But we can. This gives us greater opportunities, to be sure, but greater risks as well. Your challenge as graduates will be figuring out how to take advantage of the dynamism of today’s world—and use your unique skills to make it better.”

Photo by Ann Borden

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Commencement 2011

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Counting Commencement

3,879 graduates

47 simultaneous degrees

2,015 undergraduate degrees

1,276 master’s degrees

630 doctoral degrees (professional and research)

49.3 percent Caucasian

16.1 percent Asian/Pacific Islander

10.9 percent black

3.8 percent Hispanic

19.8 percent other minorities or of unspecified race

43.4 percent male

56.6 percent female

557 students from 79 additional countries

49 states represented

32 degree candidates age 50 and older

Oldest degree candidate: 67

Oldest bachelor’s degree recipient: 49

Youngest: 20

25 military service veterans graduating

Average GPA of Emory College graduates: 3.39

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