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Biology 101, English literature, calculus, and . . . ethics? Emory’s Center for Ethics is at the heart of a range of efforts to infuse education here with an ethical sensibility, from the College to the professional schools—and far beyond the classroom. Story

Policy in Practice

Ethics safety nets Story

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Ted Westhusing in Iraq

An American Warrior

Colonel Ted Westhusing 03PhD wrote his dissertation on military honor and considered Iraq a “just war” in the ancient tradition, so he signed up—a decision that probably cost the West Point professor his life. Story

President Wagner at bioethics meeting

From Lab to Life

Startling breakthroughs in genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and synthetic biology are giving the newly appointed Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues—vice chaired by President James Wagner—plenty to think about. Story

Illustration of emoticons forming horns

The Devil You Know

The digital revolution is transforming the way we work, play, and socialize, creating new connections and making worlds of information immediately accessible. But is there a dark side to the way people behave behind the screen? Story


The Choices We Make

When I was about fourteen—the age my son is now—I stole a pair of bowling shoes. Read more Story


“I am really proud to see Emory go across platforms, but most pleased with the content of your work.”—Peter Elmore 86C

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