Success in Motion

By Susan Cruse, Senior Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations


Susan Cruse

Bryan Meltz

Campaign Emory

A culture that values philanthropy brings out the best in people. Emory is developing that kind of culture, and Campaign Emory is the catalyst. Through the campaign, we tell Emory’s most compelling stories, and record numbers of alumni and friends are moved to thoughtful generosity. Their gifts strengthen Emory’s best work, creating more stories that inspire generosity, and the cycle continues.

This powerful process enables Emory—whose mission is to create, preserve, teach, and apply knowledge in service of others—to bring even greater intellectual resources to bear on some of life’s biggest challenges. Emory donors fuel cancer research, for instance, and help Emory improve water quality worldwide. They open Emory’s doors to top students regardless of financial means, and they bring the university’s expertise to communities at home and abroad.

In physics, you can predict what an object will do by looking at what it’s already doing. If it’s moving, it’s likely to keep going. Emory is in motion, and our growing culture of philanthropy will keep us moving for generations to come.

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