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By Allison Dykes, Vice President for Alumni Relations


Founders Dinner: Charles Haynes 71C 85PhD, Emory Medalist and senior scholar with the First Amendment Center, was a keynote speaker at Emory’s Founders Dinner in February. Haynes praised the tradition of student activism, saying, “Many great social changes in our history have been youth-led, student-led . . . and so those Emory students were really part of a great tradition in this country of students standing up for freedom, standing up for justice, and by so doing, changing America.”


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Upcoming Alumni Events

May 2: “An Insider’s Guide to Applying to Business School,” EAA Alumni Career Services webinar. Features Julie Barefoot, associate dean of MBA admissions, Goizueta Business School.

Atlanta, May 10–14: Welcome Emory’s newest graduates during Emory Commencement Weekend.

Tampa, May 19: Take me out to the ball game—the Rays vs. the Braves.

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We often hear the phrase “giving back,” but what do those words really mean to you? Do they mean participating in grassroots community efforts? Creating new programs and opportunities at work? Writing a check to support a favorite charity?

For Emory, the phrase can mean all of those things and more. Giving back to the university—financially and with time and leadership—fosters a relationship between what’s good for Emory and what nurtures your spirit.

Growing numbers of alumni are discovering strong connections between Emory’s work and their own charitable goals. A powerful source of support, alumni contributions have helped the university reach 89 percent of its $1.6 billion Campaign Emory goal.

Volunteering as mentors and career contacts, alumni often provide the inspiration a current student needs to reach for his or her dreams. Through our history project, 175 Connections, alumni exchange memories of the people who most influenced their days at Emory. Through Emory Cares, alumni join students to improve communities at home and around the world. And on campus, alumni help Volunteer Emory rejuvenate locales they favored as students and participate in discussion groups and student-led research projects.

As one of our 114,000 alumni, you are a valued member of the Emory community, and you have so much to offer. I invite you to give back to your university in the ways that are most meaningful to you. Inspire someone today.

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