Emory Law Graduate Creates Scholarship

Support for students who enter law as a second career

Susan Hoy is making Emory School of Law a beneficiary of her 401k.

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Thanks to a scholarship from an anonymous donor, Susan Hoy 74L thrived at Emory School of Law. Now retired from her position as an attorney with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, she’s determined to help others excel in law school. By making the law school a beneficiary of her 401k, she’s creating a scholarship fund for students who enter law as a second career.

Designating Emory as a retirement account beneficiary is one of the best ways to support the university, says Olen Earl, director of Emory’s Office of Gift Planning. This giving strategy protects retirement account assests from the estate and income taxes required of noncharitable beneficiaries.

To learn how you can use your 401k or IRA to support the Emory school or program you love, visit the Office of Gift Planning on the web at emory.edu/giftplanning.

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