A Lifetime of Giving

Emory graduates give back early

By Susan Cruse, Senior Vice President Development and Alumni Relations


Susan Cruse

Bryan Meltz

Campaign Emory


The 4,100 Emory students who walked the rainy aisles at Commencement this spring are now beginning new adventures, and they’re certain to meet with great success. Emory has prepared them to lead in every field and use their knowledge to make a better world. Because Emory works to ignite a passion for giving in all members of the community, some of these new graduates may even become their generation’s most influential philanthropists.

Consider these philanthropic achievements for a moment. Every member of the 2012 graduating class of the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing invested in scholarship support for new nursing students. Students in Emory College of Arts and Sciences created a student hardship fund that has received widespread support, including gifts from the university’s senior leadership.

Once begun, a life of philanthropy is irresistible because the rewards are so great. These young donors will tell you that. By making gifts that matter to them, they have become part of Emory’s growing community of thoughtful investors. I invite you to join us.

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