Benefits of Optimism


Susan Cruse

Bryan Meltz

Campaign Emory

Soon after we announced Campaign Emory in 2008, an economic earthquake shook the nation. We decided to move ahead with confidence and optimism, telling Emory’s remarkable stories as often as possible and helping people match their philanthropic goals to the university’s work. The result has been some of the most robust support we’ve ever seen.

Alumni and friends have rallied to invest in Emory’s key priorities—linking those priorities with their own charitable interests—in ways that have created great momentum for the university as we head into the final year of the campaign.

As an investment, Emory has great value. Private gifts fuel efforts to create positive change through education, research, patient care, and community service at home and abroad. As an institution, Emory has great integrity, and our donors trust that Emory will manage their investments well.

Alumni and friends supporting Emory during this challenging economic time are creating a lasting legacy, building a culture of philanthropy that will span generations. Learn more by visiting

Susan Cruse, Senior Vice President Development and Alumni Relations

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