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By Allison Dykes, Vice President for Alumni Relations


Allison Dykes

Tom Brodnax 65Ox 68C

Hello, friends.

I am so very proud to be associated with all of you. As we mark the conclusion of Campaign Emory, we celebrate the incredible leadership our alumni have demonstrated in guiding us to success. To reference our motto, alumni have been involved in Campaign Emory in countless meaningful ways and have invested in creating outcomes that will endure at Emory. Financially, our campaign met its goal—and surpassed it brilliantly—with a total of 1.69 billion in gifts committed to bettering Emory’s educational experience for generations of students to come.

As campaign leader Sonny Deriso 68C 72L pointed out in his letter, “In fact $349 million in gifts came from Emory alumni.” Wow. That fact truly inspires. Aside from the monetary strength in your gifts, the affinity you continue to share for your alma mater is worthy of praise and recognition. As engaged alumni, you define our association’s culture as you share your professional expertise, your wisdom, and your leadership with current students, other alumni, and future Emory students.

We know there is a natural cycle of absorbing Emory culture while you are a student, then shifting your appreciation into a giving phase once you’ve graduated. Whether you consider giving time, talents, or money to programs and initiatives that inspire you, your gifts to Emory will always be cherished.

Thank you.


MLK Day: In honor of Martin Luther King Day on January 21, the Caucus of Emory Black Alumni (CEBA) held service events in Atlanta and Washington, D.C. Pictured are Amanda Mirach 01C (left) and Melissa Creary 00C 04PH 18G at the Study Hall in Atlanta, where the group helped to reconstruct vegetable gardens and prepare soil for new crops for the after-school program’s farm-to-table initiative.


Familiar Voices: Emory In Your City hosted a program in Los Angeles featuring a dialogue between Emory President James Wagner (seated, right) and National Public Radio journalist and Emory 175 Maker of History Kai Ryssdal 85C. More than one hundred alumni and guests attended the conversation on “Integrity and Communication: Shaping Leaders through Liberal Arts.” Photo by Jon Rou.


Taking Pride: The twenty-first annual PRIDE awards were held at Miller-Ward Alumni House to recognize lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) leaders in the Emory community. Pictured (from left) are Emory Director of LGBT Life Michael Shutt, Emory Healthcare Director of Care Transformation and Outstanding Trans Advocate Award Winner Hal Jones, and Samantha Allen 15G.


Foreign Concepts: In February, more than thirty members and guests of the Emory Alumni Chapter in Singapore gathered for a special event at the residence for the United States Ambassador to Singapore David I. Adelman 89L. The program on ASEAN Economics featured special guest and Emory Trustee John G. Rice, vice chairman of General Electric. Photo by Chan Kum Hong.

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