It's All Relative

A Commencement Weekend tradition, the Legacy Medallion Ceremony honors alumni and graduates with family ties

sibling pride: Geneva Bibbs-Bugg 98OX 00C, George Wesley Bugg III 11OX 13C, and Treva Bibbs-Bugg 98OX 00C; all three are the children of George Wendell Bugg 85PH 86MR.

Tom Brodnax 65Ox 68C

like father, like son: Ian Margol 13C with his father, Steve Margol 84B.

sister act: Mary Hoover 13C with her sister, Alison Hoover 10C; their younger brother, Michael Hoover 16C, plans to wear a legacy medallion also.

legacy loyalty: The Vinson family enjoys a long Oxford and Emory tradition. Gathered here are (above from left) Allison Vinson 08OX 10C, Alexandra Vinson 05OX 07C, James Candler Vinson 11OX 13C, Adrienne Vinson 09OX 11C, and their father, Oxford Board of Counselors member Art Vinson 66OX 68C.

beaming in: Lindsey Coyle 13C celebrates the Legacy Medallion Ceremony via iPad with her sister, Sarah Coyle Burke 08C 12M.

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