Inspiring Success

By Susan Cruse, Senior Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations


Susan Cruse

Bryan Meltz

Generosity is an aspiration and an inspiration. This line from our new video celebrating the success of Campaign Emory captures Emory’s spirit so well. Ours is a generous community, motivated by responsibility and excited by possibility, and together we have accomplished something remarkable.

Those of us who have invested in Emory during this campaign— nearly 150,000 strong—have found ways to connect our philanthropic goals with Emory’s work. Once established, these connections grow stronger because the benefits of giving are so valuable.

Give to scholarships, for instance, and you make it possible for some of Emory’s brightest students to pursue their dreams. Support faculty endowments and you help Emory attract leading professors with a talent for teaching and a passion for scholarship. Invest in research and you advance the search for cures, solutions, and understanding.

The main story in this issue of the Campaign Chronicle, which will be our last, gives an overview of campaign success. We’re saving most of the details and personal stories for the next Emory Magazine. See you then.

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