Davis Creates Medicine Scholarship

Group photo

Paddy Kennington (second from left)—daughter of Margaret Hirst Davis—and her husband, John Kennington, meet Davis Scholar Wesley Scott Henricksen 11M 11PH and Lauren Jenae Henricksen 09T.

In memory of her husband, Byron Scott Davis 49M 50MR, Margaret Hirst Davis has established a scholarship at Emory University School of Medicine. A pathologist in rural Georgia, Byron Davis founded Doctor’s Laboratory, a clinical, anatomical, and toxicology testing laboratory with twenty-five offices in Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. Knowing how much her husband loved Emory, Davis created the scholarship to give other students, particularly those with an interest in pursuing a career in rural health care, the opportunity to attend the School of Medicine.

Davis also has named a conference room in the Health Sciences Research Building, and she has established the Byron Davis Research Fund in the Department of Hematology and Oncology. She was moved to make the research gift after witnessing her grandson’s struggle with Burkitt’s lymphoma, a form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

The fund supports the work of Winship Cancer Institute Assistant Professor Leon Bernal-Mizrachi and Associate Professor Christopher Flowers, who directs Winship’s lymphoma program. They are creating new technologies that match each patient’s unique cancer growth signals to specific therapies that can block these signals.

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