Dr. Beitler in a helmet

Cover Story

The Secret Lives of Faculty

A biker, a baker, a photograph maker? Professors can look very different when they’re outside the classroom. See what we mean in our special photo essay. Story

Of Note


Mother and child exhibiting typical eye contact for an infant

In Search of the Social

As numbers rise and concern grows over children with autism spectrum disorders, scientists are working to increase our understanding of how their brains drive social behavior—and what interventions may help. Story

Ken Grimwood's yearbook picture

Second Chances

Ken Grimwood 65C never graduated from Emory, but he did make it the setting for his cultishly popular sci-fi novel Replay—a fantasy ride through the fondest dream, or worst nightmare, of the middle-aged. Story

Robert W. Woodruff

bonus story

We Knew Them When

Meet more notable non-graduate alumni. Story

A Civil War soldier with an injury drawn on his photograph

Objects of Our Affliction

There’s a whole history of human health to be found in its physical remains, if you know where to look. A tour through the National Library of Medicine, led by Jeff Reznick 99PhD, is a good place to start. Story


Life of the Mind

There’s a stray dog on my front porch.

We found him a few days ago, nosily exploring the busiest street in our neighborhood, collarless but friendly. He jumped right into the car and then made himself at home in a cardboard box with a blanket while we tried to figure out what to do with him. Our dog, Charlie, is a rescue who’s skittish and territorial, and doesn’t welcome visitors of most any description. Story


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