Doctor for a Day

Photos by Kay Hinton; story by Paige Parvin 96G


Operating Procedure: Matlock gets a close-up of a complicated Whipple surgery, which typically takes about six hours, in one of EUH’s twenty-two operating rooms. Surgeon Juan Sarmiento, associate professor of surgery at the School of Medicine and director of hepatopancreatic biliary surgery for EUH, explains the procedure over his trademark upbeat music. Because confidentiality is paramount, all patients who might encounter the guest doctors consent beforehand.

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Every year, more than fifty-five thousand patients pass through Emory University Hospital (EUH) and Emory University Hospital Midtown for treatment—but the vast majority encounters only a tiny corner of the health care enterprise. Development Office leaders recently launched an elite program designed to give small groups a bigger understanding of the scope of activity, expertise, and care offered at the not-for-profit academic hospital. These “Doctors for a Day” don’t just tour the hallways—they don scrubs, observe surgeries, meet physicians of all sorts, and go behind the scenes in labs and the ER. Last fall, Emory Magazine shadowed Dawnmarie Matlock 91L, a partner in the health care practice of law firm Alston and Bird who recently joined the Emory Healthcare Advisory Board, on an eye-opening adventure through the heart of a hospital.

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