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Formula Ono

Professor Ken Ono is an all-out math genius who’s best known for his breakthroughs in number theory. But to his students, Ono is also a teacher, mentor, inspiration, and friend. Story

Of Note



Cause of Life

In some parts of the world, too many children are dying. With the help of a major grant from the Gates Foundation, a new initiative in Emory’s Global Health Institute means to find out why. Story

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The Hand of the Bard?

Rare book dealer Daniel Wechsler 90C bought a sixteenth-century dictionary on eBay. He now believes it belonged to none other than William Shakespeare. Story


Woodruff Scholarship at 30

What better way to celebrate the first Woodruff Scholars than to salute the newest class? Story

Windows of Opportunity: Turn your inspiration into action.


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