Windows of Opportunity

Giving Opportunity

If you've been touched by the stories in this issue of Emory Magazine, these windows can open up ways for you to turn your inspiration into action. Here you'll see how you can invest in the people, places, and programs found in these pages and beyond. Gifts to Emory produce powerful, lasting returns; they help create knowledge, advance research, strengthen communities, improve health, and much more.


Bill Murdy's Legacy of Learning

During his forty-year career at Oxford College, Bill Murdy shared his love for teaching, learning, and science with hundreds of students. Motivated by their belief in the power of education to transform lives, Bill and his wife Nancy established the Bill and Nancy Murdy Scholarship in 1993. You can support this scholarship today. 

Emergency Responders

Emergency Responders

Rollins School of Public Health students learn to respond when disasters strike around the world, and philanthropy helps them prepare. The Center for Humanitarian Emergencies trains master of public health students through field research in countries such as Haiti and Syria that are developing or experiencing conflict. Support important global public health work like this today.


Exemplary Service

Emory Medalists are chosen for distinguished service to the university, their communities, and their professions. Often they are philanthropists as well. This year’s medalists—Judge William O’Kelley 51C 53L and John W. Stephenson 70C—support the areas of Emory’s work that are closest to their hearts. O’Kelley invests in programs at Emory Law, including a scholarship established in his honor. Stephenson and his foundation—the J. Bulow Campbell Foundation—strengthen programs across the university. You can make a gift to the Judge William C. O’Kelley Scholarship Fund or visit to find the Emory giving opportunities that matter most to you.


Treating the Untreatable

Helen Mayberg leads a multidisciplinary program at Emory dedicated to the study of depression and the effects of antidepressant treatments. For patients with treatment-resistant depression, new 3D tractography models from her lab may hold the key to improving outcomes. You can invest in Mayberg’s life-changing research.

Advocates at Work


It’s no surprise that the Campus Kitchens Project is a popular student volunteer opportunity at Emory. Emory students are known for their enthusiastic community service, and the university is home to one of the nation’s largest student volunteer organizations. You can lend your support with a gift to the Campus Life Fund for Excellence.

Reinforcing Fragile Progress


The Department of Human Genetics at Emory has one of the longest-standing interdisciplinary research programs on fragile X-associated disorders in the world. The gene for fragile X syndrome, the most common inherited form of intellectual disability, was discovered by an Emory expert in 1991. Advance understanding of fragile X syndrome and other genetic disorders with a gift to Emory genetics now


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