Special Research Issue

Minds at Work

Emory researchers received $628 million in outside funding last year—the largest amount of research funding in Emory's history.

"Our research programs have continued to attract support because of demonstrated groundbreaking results and the promise of future discoveries with the potential to change the face of science and medicine," says David S. Stephens, vice president for research in the Woodruff Health Sciences Center.

In this issue of Emory Magazine, we proudly feature a few of those transformative discoveries and the scholars, scientists, and students who are creating a different future, here and now.

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Particles Become "Life-Like"
Watch inert particles switch back
and forth between states—even
in a stable environment.

What "Comprehensive" Means
Winship is changing the way cancer is treated.

Alzheimer's Story
A unique program reaches at-risk populations.

Points of Interest


All in the Mind

An unexpected discovery leads Emory scientists to new understanding of the pathology behind Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. By Gary Goettling


Our Own Indiana Jones

How an undergraduate students turned a seminar class into a research project that traces the post–WWI path of an Emory professor-turned-adventurer. By Scott Henry


Outpacing Cancer

Winship Cancer Institute scientists and physicians are in a tight race with the second-highest cause of death in the US—and they mean to win. By Sylvia Wrobel


Hanging by a Thread

As the world's primate populations dwindle, so do the chances for a healthy planet where humans can thrive. By Tony Rehagen 


Fab Five

Meet a few of the Emory faculty members who just can't stop asking questions—and won't stop until they find the answers.


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