An investment in the future of nursing

A little more than a year ago, Wilbur Glenn, a 1929 Emory College graduate, decided to invest his wife Hilda D. Glenn's birthday with some special meaning. Toward that end, he established a $2 million trust in her honor. The beneficiaries of the trust are organizations that have a long history of support from the Glenn family: Scottish Rite Medical Center, Glenn Memorial Church (named for Mr. Glenn's grandfather, Rev. Wilbur Fisk Glenn, Emory Class of 1861), the Student Aid Foundation, and the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing.

Why the School of Nursing became a branch on the Glenns' philanthropic tree speaks to Mrs. Glenn's personal experience. Her two older sisters were nurses, and multiple hospital stays in the early 1980s underlined for her the value of a dedicated nurse. According to Mrs. Glenn, "A good nurse is wonderful. She must love her work and be willing to sacrifice."

Part of the money dedicated to the School of Nursing will fund the Hilda D. Glenn Scholarship. This year, at least five scholarship students are expected to benefit from interest generated by the trust. The criteria for the scholarship are still being formulated, but they will include a combination of financial need, academic merit, and public service. "It just gives me a warm feeling," Mrs. Glenn says, "to know that the profession will give Emory students security later in life."

According to Dean of the School of Nursing Dyanne D. Affonso, "The Glenns' generosity is an investment in the careers of future nurses, and we are most honored by this gift and by Mrs. Glenn's history of involvement with the School of Nursing."

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