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Number 1

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Reflection on tradition

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Reflecting on tradition

University asks alumni for opinions, suggestions

THE UNIVERSITY has embarked on a two-year effort to enhance the sense of tradition and community associated with Emory and is seeking direct input and suggestions for improvements through a website survey and volunteer focus groups.

The Emory Committee On Traditions And Community Ties (CONTACT) is asking respondents to reflect on their experiences at Emory and suggest ways to create a sense of community. Located at <http:// CONTACT.cc.emory.edu>, the survey consists of ten questions soliciting new visions for Emory, as well as examples of events or places on campus that made alumni’s college years memorable. The survey takes approximately fifteen minutes to complete.

Interclass pushball cmpetitions are part of Emory's past. The University is seeking ways to create new activities that will build a heightened sense of community.

The eighteen-member CONTACT committee—which includes students, alumni, staff, and faculty—is compiling the surveys and conducting focus groups in Atlanta, New York City, the Tampa–St. Petersburg area, Washington, D.C., and other cities with sizable numbers of Emory graduates. The committee, chaired by alumnus BOB PENNINGTON ’74Ox-’76C-’81L-’81MBA, also has visited the University of Virginia and Stanford, Rice, and Brown universities to see how those institutions create a sense of community and enduring tradition.

A final report and a series of recommendations are scheduled for presentation to President William M. Chace and the Board of Trustees by August 31.—G.F.

To complete the survey, point your web browser to <http://CONTACT.cc.emory.edu>.


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