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Number 2

Miracle of an Ordinary Life

Commencement 2002

Cuba: Paradox Island

Without Sanctuary

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Kenneth H. Thomas Jr. ’68C has compiled a pictoral history of a Georgia town in Columbus, Georgia in Vintage Postcards (Arcadia Publishing, 2001). A native of Columbus, Thomas provides captions that trace the town’s past from the early 1900s to the middle of the last century. Many of the images came from Thomas’ own collection, as well as that of the Historic Columbus Foundation, co-sponsors of the book.

The brief history of Emory Junior College in Valdosta is recounted in a new book by R. Linton Cox Jr. ’42C-’46G, Pride and Abandonment: The Story of Emory-At-Valdosta (Boyd, 2000). Cox, a former faculty member of the junior college, traces the venture’s rise and ultimate failure, as well as providing a list of faculty and students who attended. “It must be said,” Cox writes in an epilogue, “that whatever the reasons for its poor start, decline, and fall, the College rendered an invaluable service through those it prepared for life in the world and who continue to make their contributions.”

William B. Paul ’48L draws on his own experiences as an aviation cadet for the Army Air Corps in World War II in his recently published novel, The Road He Chose. The book, Paul’s first, follows an Atlanta boy through service in the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Army, and the French Resistance. Following his time in the military, which included serving as a special agent in Korea, Paul worked in Atlanta as an attorney. He has been semi-retired and working on the novel since 1995.

Set against the backdrop of Atlanta, a new novel by Greg Johnson ’79PhD explores the myriad manifestations of love among family, lovers, and friends. Sticky Kisses (Alyson, 2001) centers around a brother and sister who reconnect at a transitional point in their lives. Thom, likeable and surrounded by fun-loving friends, is gay and has learned he is HIV-positive; Abby, his sister, comes to be with him just as she’s trying to shake off the effects of a broken engagement. The two rekindle their sibling ties surrounded by a rich tapestry of characters and themes. Johnson, who lives in Atlanta and teaches at Kennesaw State University, is also the author of Pagan Babies.

Frida Ghitis ’81C has worked for nearly two decades as a correspondent and producer for CNN, covering stories around the world. She offers her take on various aspects of world politics, social revolution, and the stifling impact of American culture in a new book, The End of Revolution: A Changing World in the Age of Live Television (Algora, 2001).

The Bible serves as the source of inspiration for two books arranged and edited by Frederick W. Bassett ’68G. Love: The Song of Songs (Paraclete Press, 2002) draws from the twenty-second book of the Old Testament, a series of anonymous love poems between two people. Fifty-two psalms have been edited for contemporary readers in Awake My Heart (Paraclete Press, 1998). Bassett earned his doctorate from Emory in Biblical studies. He is currently director of the Hilton Head College Center.

Professor Emeritus Alfred W. Stuart ’56G, has co-authored The North Carolina Atlas: Portrait for a New Century, (UNC Press, 2000.) A comprehensive look at North Carolina history, environment, population, economy and culture in an illustrated format, displaying the state’s transition from a slow-growing, poor, mostly rural state into one of the nation’s fastest growing, increasingly affluent, and urbanizing states.

Robert L. Montgomery ’76T, has written The Lopsided Spread of Christianity, (Praeger, 2001.) Montgomery, who served as a missionary in Taiwan, examines why Christianity spread successfully westward and northward to the Roman Empire and Europe, but failed to spread in the same manner to Persia, India, and China.

Marlene M. Browne ’86L, a family lawyer, has written The Divorce Process: Empowerment Through Knowledge (First Books Library, 2001.) The book covers divorce, separation, and annulment, as well as current trends in divorce law ranging from new federal legislation about bankruptcy, the interstate collection of child support, and the “busting” or “enforcing” of prenuptial agreements.

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