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Emory Magazine’s spring issue obituary about John S. McKenzie quoted him as saying: “ . . . the following year Emory abandoned journalism.” Not so! It was still there in 1950, when I was editor of the Wheel, and in 1953 when my brother was advertising manager of the Wheel. Let’s don’t leave the wrong impression. . . .

L. Edward (Ed) Kelly 50C
Thomasville, Georgia

Editor’s note: In fact, the journalism program was not disbanded until 1953, as Mr. Kelly notes. A journalism minor returned to campus in 1997.

I am a graduate of the college, class of 2003, and a student still grateful for the opportunities presented to me during my four years of attendance. Emory was my home for those four years, and the time spent on that campus has meant more to me than I can state here. Coincidentally, I was among the minority in the school when one looked at political preference.
I was, and still am, a conservative, but the politics were just one aspect of my time at Emory.

I write to you today to commend you for your attention to, and rare political-free praise for, those alumni serving in the war against terrorism. I myself went to Marine Corps Officer Candidate School after graduating from Emory and became a commissioned officer in August of 2003. Since then, I’ve been stationed in California and served one tour in the volatile Ramadi area of Iraq. I am currently serving my second tour now on the border between Syria and Iraq.

It was refreshing and inspiring to read about other alumni that have served, and are serving, in this war. Our story is one not often told in the classrooms of many colleges, including Emory’s. I hope that in the future, you will continue to honor those who serve and in many cases, die for, this country. It is through publications like yours that true stories can be told without bias or political twists.
Semper fidelis.

1st Lt. Margaret J. Butler 03C, USMC
Carlsbad, California

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